New examples remind us that regressive attitudes have never gone away

Here are some new examples for The Sexual Politics of Meat. Or #sexualpoliticsofmeat!

First: the assumptions about what women and men eat!

Really?! This is 2017, and gender stereotyping continues. Then, this sexist speciesist example.

DIY examples like this become the ephemera that shape attitudes, though they remain unseen by a majority of people. It's their DIY-ness that makes them more dangerous not less. Someone, not just an ad company for a large burger corporation, came up with this idea of comparing dead chickens with NO choice, and women in a relationship. Why should anyone say they will die for you? And in a time when four women die a day in the United States from domestic violence, why would this be seen as funny? Who has violable bodies? Is it killing or is it sex? This third image shows us the answer.

It's the slippery nature of the referent that makes this doubly oppressive.