Uncovering the Connections Between Feminism and Animal Rights, with Carol J. Adams http://animalvoices.org/2017/03/the-international-womens-day-show-with-carol-j-adams/

An interview with Vegan Talk at the opening of The Sexual Politics of Meat Art Exhibit at The Animal Museum in LA, March 2017.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIWBZBaK1pY&feature=youtu.be


"Politics and the absent referent in 2014′′ - Neither Man Nor Beast

Closed captioning is available. Click CC* In The Sexual Politics of Meat, Carol politicized the literary concept of the absent referent. The absent referent is the literal being who disappears in the eating of dead bodies, and who is kept in reproductive slavery to produce eggs and milk for human beings.

“The Evolution of Man”

Carol Adams is the author of famed "The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory," and "The Pornography of Meat", among other books. In this interview, we talk about male identity and it's connection to meat-eating.

The Sexual Politics of Meat Celebrates a 20th Century Anniversary Edition

The Sexual Politics of Meat has been released in a 20th anniversary edition. This video celebrates the publication with reports from five individuals about the experience of reading The Sexual Politics of Meat and how life-changing it is.