A New Vegan Restaurant in Dallas--and it's delicious

On Sunday night, two friends and I ate at V-Eats, a new vegan restaurant which opened a couple of months ago in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas. Everything was delicious. 

We started with Brisket Tacos. V-Eats' Brisket made news around the world, as the idea that a brisket could be made with dead animal flesh seemed unbelievable. Well, come to V-Eats and you will become a believer!

I just had to try to fried pickles, because, you know, when can a vegan get a good fried pickle? Oh my gosh, these were wonderful. No more wandering around for a good fried pickle, we found it!

The dishes seemed to come out faster and faster. It didn't take us long to gobble down their macaroni and cheese (their cheese for this recipe is made from plants not nuts). 

This is their smoked artichoke and sausage pizza. It is a wonderful combination of flavors and soon this plate was empty, too.

This dish is called "Beggars Purse," A "purse" of phyllo pastry contained spinach, smoked potatoes and mushroom in truffle oil, with roasted red pepper sauce and grilled vegetables. Again, the combination of flavors was excellent.

We also enjoyed the crispy avocado spring rolls.

Vegan cuisine isn't just for vegans; but, vegans can rejoice that this restaurant has opened! 

Learn more about it here: http://www.v-eats.com/