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UPC's 7th Annual Conscious Eating Conference

(How) Does Religion/Atheism Help or Hinder Animal Rights/Respect for Animals/Ethical Veganism?

I'll be discussing Christianity, specifically "Christianity and Compassion: Confronting the Contradictions"

For some, Christian theology has been used to justify the consumption and use of animals; for others, Christianity is seen as a liberatory religion in which compassion is central to its belief and practice. Adams will briefly touch on key issues such as the meaning of “dominance” as it is introduced in Genesis 1, the connection between language about God and language about the other animals, the meaning of sacrifice, the way Communion language reifies the consumption of lambs, and will conclude with a discussion of the meaning of Christian veganism, drawing on the concept of “attention” from Christian mystic Simone Weil and proposing a Christology of veganism and that no more crucifixions are necessary.

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