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"The Burger in the Anthropocene" at the Brown Symposium XXXIX---“The Anthropocene”

The Brown Symposium is held at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. During the Symposiusm, there will be wonderful talks by several of us including Andrew Revkin, Robert Bullard, Chris Carter and myself. Join us for a thoughtful two days on the Anthropocene.

My talk will be on "The Burger in the Anthropocene"

The burger, long the All-American meal, is undergoing an identity crisis. From its shifting place in popular culture to the efforts, by investors such as Bill Gates, to seek to find the non-animal burger that can feed the world, the burger’s identity has become as malleable as that patty of protein, itself, before it is thrown on a grill. Carol J. Adams will explore the history, business, cultural dynamics and gender politics of the ordinary hamburger. After defining the burger as a modernist solution to protein delivery whose time has passed–and explaining why that is–Adams delves into the history of the veggie burger and the emergence of plant-based meats, including burgers.

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