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"Protest Kitchen" at the Toronto Vegetarian Society's VegFest

Protest Kitchen is an empowering presentation on the food and lifestyle choices anyone can make for positive change in the face of the profound challenges of our time. Our food choices not only affect personal health and the environment, but are also tied to issues of food justice, climate change, misogyny, national security, and racism, xenophobia, and bullying. Protest Kitchen is the first book to explore the ways in which a more plant-based diet challenges regressive politics and fuels the resistance. Drawing on the book of that title, the presentation combines social analysis of repressive values and how veganism is part of the resistance against them, with specific suggestions for change through “Daily Actions” and vegan recipes. It is empowering because it shows how veganism as a part of resistance provides a way to respond to a variety of issues that at first might not seem connected to veganism. It includes a discussion of including all animals within a compassionate framework, and the relationship between compassion and hospitality.

For more information check out the Toronto Vegetarian Society's VegFest website.


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